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Jan. 18th, 2010

[misc] batman


Remix permission post

Name: Zhailei
Journal: amathela
Email Address: amathela@gmail.com
Fandoms: Andromeda, Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Brothers & Sisters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Dead Like Me, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Doom, Farscape, Firefly, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Glee, Gossip Girl, Greek, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Legend Of The Seeker, Merlin, Miss Match, NCIS, The Office, One Tree Hill, Princess Protection Program, Psych, Roswell, She's The Man, Smallville, Sports Night, Star Trek: Reboot, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Supernatural, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, The West Wing, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Real Person Fic
Link: Fanfiction Index

Notes: Anything at all is fair game - remixes, sequels, prequels, missing scenes, new fics set in an existing universe, etc. If you do remix one of my fics, drop me a link - I'd love to read it! All fics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Sep. 10th, 2009



Remix me, baby!

Name/Journal: Melody/melodyunity

Email Address: melodyunity [at] yahoo

Fandoms: I've written in Firefly, Buffy/Angel, and Miracles, and at least one story in the following fandoms: The 4400, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Hurog novels, Medium, Psych, Supernatural, and Quantum Leap.

Link (to an archive or fic index): You can find all my fic in three places:
http://melodyunity.angelfire.com/index.html, http://melodyunity.livejournal.com/50566.html, and http://archiveofourown.org/users/melodyunity/pseuds/melodyunity/works.

Notes: None, really.

ETA: Wait, I do have a couple of notes after all! First off, I've written a few remixes -- please don't remix a remix unless you have the original author's permission too. Secondly, please send me a link to your story when you're done!

Jul. 14th, 2009



switch up that bass line!

Name/Journal: iambickilometer
Email: Given out on request.
I have written fic for Star Trek (mainly Reboot), Criminal Minds, Merlin, SGA, Havemercy, Good Omens, xxxHOLiC, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Shakespeare, Marvel comics, and Dollhouse.
via delicious or my fanfiction tag.
I prefer that my works in progress are not remixed; however, if for some reason you really want to, talk to me and we'll figure something out. In other cases, you don't need to ask me for permission - just let me know you're going to, and please send a link to the finished product my way. Also, don't feel confined by pairings or lack thereof. I've written a lot of suggestive gen, and iffy pairings, so if you feel the urge to go from one to the other, that's totally cool.

Jun. 18th, 2009



Remixy goodness

Title: Paradox (the suspicious of change remix)
Fandom: Terminator:SCC
Characters/Pairings: Sarah, Sarah/Charlie, John, Terminator from the 2nd movie
Word Count:121
Rating: PG
Summary: no rest for the wicked
Notes: Original Story is Paradox by were_lemur

**need tag for author:crevanfox, author:were_lemur, fandom:t:scc, please.

Paradox (the suspicious of change remix)


I've recently gotten addicted to the remix

Name/Journal: I'm Crevan Fox, and my fic journal is foxfic

Runaways (comics)
Buffy/Angel (but mostly Buffy)
Stargate SG-1

I've done a few stories in:
Dresden Files
Night World
Original fic
Pitch Black

Link (to an archive or fic index): Foxfic

Notes: anything co-written is off limits, if only because I haven't gotten the other person's permission. Remixes of other peoples fics are off limits for the same reason.

If you could drop me a link, either here, or at my fic journal to let me know if something is remixed, I'd love to read it, and link to it.

Please include a link to my original fic where you post the remix please.

**need tags for pitch black, runaways, author, night world, dresden files,

Jun. 13th, 2009



Permission Post

Name/Journal: were_lemur
Email Address: werelemurkatherineAThotmailDOTcom

Fandoms (so far):
Cthulhu Mythos
Goldeneye (James Bond)
Harry Potter
Lilo & Stitch
Lord of the Rings
Pirates of the Carribean
Star Trek
Star Wars
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Link (to an archive or fic index): http://were-lemur.livejournal.com/42577.html
Notes: Please drop me a line if you remix something; I'd love to post a link!

Mar. 26th, 2009



Permission, Comm Necromancy

Name/Journal: studyofrunning

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Final Fantasy (VII and VIII so far)

Link (to an archive or fic index): Fanfiction masterlist on my lj.

Notes: It also says this at the top of the masterlist anyway. I have four simple requests: tell me! so I can read your remix, don't randomly make things be porn, you can't remix a remix without the other person's permission (obviously), and just in case we both came up with the same plot or you spot a plot hole, I get permission to use ideas from a remix of a WIP in the finished fic. (I never post WIPs anyway.)

Jul. 17th, 2007

Jdrama - Tokujo - Pretty Woman


Author permission

YAY! Remixes!

Name/Journal: literarylemming or Mnemosyne

Andromeda; Battlestar Galactica (2003); Chronicles of Narnia; Firefly/Serenity; Harry Potter; Heroes; The Inside; Invisible Man; King Arthur (film); Lord of the Rings; Lost; The Mighty Ducks (film series); Roswell; Space: Above and Beyond; Star Trek: Enterprise; The X-Files; The Young Riders

Link (to an archive or fic index):
The Seventeenth Ring: Mnemosyne's Fanfiction
mnemosyne23 Fanfiction.net Archive

Wheeeee! I love remixes!

I only ask the following: Remix restrictionsCollapse )

Other than that, knock yourself out! If you choose to remix one of my stories, a link dropped in my LJ or as a comment to the story itself would be appreciated, so I can read what you've written!

Thanks all!


Author Giving Permission

Name/Journal: bewareofgirl, jadedwriting
Email Address (optional): bewareofjade@aim.com
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Heroes, X-Men (mostly X-Men, though)
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/527206/ (FF.NET Profile Page, where all of my posted fics are.)
Notes: Most of the stories on there are currently one shots, so feel free to continue them, change them around, etc. If you want to mess around with the two novel-sized fics I have going, again, feel free. I just ask that if you DO do a remix, don't make it above mild PG-13. I don't write/read smut and I would appreciate it if you didn't turn my stories into smut. As for the X-Men fics, if you want to jump into the universe I've created or use any one of my OCs (because trust me, there are quite a few of those), go ahead. The only other thing I ask if that you link it to me, so that i read it as well. 

My stories are a mess right now (and yes, I really do realize that), so it would be interesting to see what other people do with them. I'd appreciate it if you named the original of your remix as well..and as angiepen said, you don't have permission to make money off of anything of mine. I think that's all I have on the subject of "stipulations". 


- Beware of Girl
art//float like a cannonball; [up]


(no subject)

Title: Normal Again (To Be Human Remix)
Author: fatalnocturne
Fandom: Heroes
Characters/Pairings: Peter/Claire
Word Count: 242
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: In the end, it was all relative.
Notes: Original by: amidalashari, which is far better than my paltry remix. Remix is a pseudo-sequel, drawing my own conclusions from the original drabble.

in the end, it was all relative

((I hope I'm doing this correctly, I sincerely apologize if I messed up in any way. XD;))

Jul. 16th, 2007

art//float like a cannonball; [up]


Author Permission

Name/Journal: fatalnocturne
Email Address (optional): angelicmasquerade[at]gmail.com
Fandoms: Heroes, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc.
Link (to an archive or fic index): frostblooms
Notes: Just tell me if you remix! Although I do request that you don't do any of my fics that are labeled as rough drafts (for obvious reasons :D) and make sure to credit me as inspiration. A link back to the original would be nice, but isn't necessary, of course. :)

Oh! And feel free to ask me questions about my fics, if need be--or even to critique them! I don't mind at all. :D
Peep-Billie glows.


Author Giving Permission

Email Address: ice_vampire2003@yahoo.com
Fandoms: Heroes, Stargate Atlantis, Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, X-Men Evolution, etc.
Link: cold_fiction
Notes: Anyone interested is welcome to anything I've got on my archive right now with the exception of the Heroes story I just started. While it's still "active" I'd appreciate it if no one used it. Also, if you're going to remix something, please link me. I'd like to read it too! ;)

Jul. 4th, 2007



Remix Me

Name/Journal: emmademarais

Email Address (optional): emmademarais atsign gmail (you know the rest)

Fandoms (Updated 6/09):
Criminal Minds
The Unit
Blood Ties
Doctor Who
Burn Notice
The Mentalist
Plus crossover fandoms: Angel, Buffy

Link (to an archive or fic index): The last day of every month contains an updated Journal Review of all fic on my LJ including links to my master lists for each year (posted on the first of each year). My Memories and tags are also good for finding my fic.


Please notify me of any remixes done of my fic. You are welcome to contact me in advance if you would like to discuss the fic or get any inside info on what was behind the original, but otherwise letting me know about it when you first publish is fine.

I ask that you give me appropriate credit and link to the original fic anywhere you post the remix.

Feel free to take any fic on emmademarais and do what you will with it. Seriously. Go to town. ;-)However, I am *not* open to having any fic I have authored that is posted on *other* LJs remixed - just emmademarais. There are hundreds of fic there, so that should be more than enough for anyone.


The megaverse Vice (Vice, Virtue, Vice prequels and the future Sin spin off) is excluded from remixing. If you have an interest in writing in the Viceworld universe please contact me via email to discuss it. Thank you.


Gacked from angiepen

At no time is anyone granted permission to make any money directly or indirectly from any fic clearly based on one of my stories. This includes not only sale of the fic itself or the posting of the fic on a web site which requires a paid membership for access, but also the posting of the fic on a web site which includes profit-making (as in, profits going to the site owners and/or shareholders as personal income rather than than just income required to fund the site itself) advertisements. Link-swaps and other such ads which make no money for any party are fine.


Please do not publish any remixes of my fic in non-electronic media (i.e. fanzines).

Jun. 12th, 2007

One Direction - Larry Stylinson


Remix Me

Name/Journal: Heather ([info]americangrl69)
Email Address (optional): kozmic_goddess@hotmail.com
Fandoms: Dark Angel, Charmed, Roswell, Port Charles, Buffy, crossovers (more will be added as needed)
Link (to an archive or fic index): Fiction Index
Notes: You can remix/write missing scenes/sequels/finish wips, etc... All I ask is that if you do remix any with original characters try not to change the the oc character(s) too much. I'm pretty happy with they way they are now and don't want them changed too drastically. And don't break up any of the main pairings. I reserve the right to finish or write sequels for any of my fic. If you do anything with my fic I'd love to read it. I'd really like to see Undiscovered from Max's pov. I think it could be interesting.
there really is a tape


Remix me

Name/Journal: Laurel (sailorhathor)
Email Address (optional): sailorhathor @ aol.com
Fandoms: Miracles, Supernatural, Dark Angel, The Ring, Ringu, Sailor Moon, Land of the Lost, more planned (I do a ton of cross-overs)
Link: http://dementedstuff.com/charas.htm
Notes: I like it when people write sequels and take inspiration from my stuff as long as they let me know before they post it anywhere where other people can read it.
I'd like to be able to put anything written from one of my fics on my website, so keep that in mind. You can promote it elsewhere too as long as you give me credit for what you took from my story.
I'm a little leery of remixes. I'd really like to hear what you have planned before you do it. It would bother me if someone broke up a couple I put together, remixed it so they didn't really care for each other, or something like that. I do have a remix on my wishlist, though; I'd love it if someone wrote Lacerated Sky from Sam's point-of-view (Supernatural, Rated NC-17).
Things that are off limits are original universes and anything written with a co-writer. This includes everything written in the SOPI universe and some of the "Sailor Moon" stuff. It's all marked as being SOPI or written with a co-writer/RPG partner. I can't speak for those other people. However, if you like a character of mine from SOPI and want to write something with them in it, let me know. We could discuss that. Oh, and you can't do anything with stories written by other people, of course - I've got a few of my friends' stories on my site. Only consider things written by Laurel.
I agree with the other things angiepen said: Anything that you write is not canon in my universe unless I really like it. Then I will ask you if I can incorporate it into my canon. I appreciate anything I get, but some stuff you write just may not fit into what I have planned. If you write something based on my story and it just so happens to coincidentally be close to or exactly like what I have planned for that story's future, I'm probably still going to write what I have planned. This especially applies to WIP's. I'll explain the similiarities in the Author's Notes so readers will understand what happened.

Do NOT use anything that you write from my stories to make a profit!!! No pro publishing, no posting on websites you have to pay to read, and no posting on websites that make a profit from fanfic or original fic (this does not include Fanfiction.net and sites like that, but it does include sites like FanLib). You'll have to talk to me about snail-mail fanzines because I used to run one myself years ago (Demented/Planet Demented) and I might consider that as long as the zine was cool and pretty underground.

I think that's it. I'll add new fandoms as stories get written.

Jun. 11th, 2007

Library -- BunnyMcFoo


Great Idea!

OK, this is a seriously cool -- I'm glad this community was created and hope it takes off and gets popular. :D

Name/Journal: AngiePen
Email Address (optional): angiepen at gmail dot com
Fandoms: LOTRiPS/general actorslash, Harry Potter, Fantastic Four, original fiction (others will be added as needed)
Link (to an archive or fic index): Fiction Index
Notes: Whatever anyone wants to do is fine with me. I won't promise to like the product but you can write whatever you want whether I like it or not. I don't require notification ahead of time but I'd love a note, either in e-mail or in my journal, when you post so I can come read. :)

Also, I reserve the right to continue or sequel my own stories without regard to any remixes/sequels/prequels/etc., which might've been written by others. Meaning: 1) what someone else writes isn't canon in my world(s) unless I say it is, and 2) if I was planning a story, a sequel, a plot twist, a character detail, a worldbuilding detail, or anything else, and someone else coincidentally posts a story set in my universe(s) which accidentally duplicates what I was planning but had not yet posted or perhaps even written, I'll do what I was planning anyway. Anyone who whines about how "She stole my ideeeeea!!!" will be ignored or perhaps mocked. Fair warning. :)

ETA: At no time is anyone granted permission to make any money directly or indirectly from any fic clearly based on one of my stories. This includes not only sale of the fic itself or the posting of the fic on a web site which requires a paid membership for access, but also the posting of the fic on a web site which includes profit-making (as in, profits going to the site owners and/or shareholders as personal income rather than than just income required to fund the site itself) advertisements. Link-swaps and other such ads which make no money for any party are fine. /EDIT

That said, I think it'd be great fun for someone else to pick another city and write a different Sentinel team in my Magic universe; I'd love to see what other writers would do with that universe. But grab whatever you like. :D


Jun. 10th, 2007

Tinker in window


Remix my stories

Name: Michelle
Journal: scratchingpost1
Fandoms: BtVS
Links to my stories:
- My fics on LJ
- My fics on my eFiction site
- my WIP list
- My fics on my website
Notes: You may remix any of my stories. You may write sequels to any of my stories. You may jump into a world I created for any of my stories and use it as inspiration for your own stories. You may rewrite and/or finish any of my WIPs. In fact, I'd love to see where you take my WIPs. I reserve the right to later finish my WIPs according to my own vision. The only exception to the above is that I ask that you do not remix any of my co-written stories, especially Texas Tea.

Edit: (borrowed from angiepen's post) At no time is anyone granted permission to make any money directly or indirectly from any fic clearly based on one of my stories. This includes not only sale of the fic itself or the posting of the fic on a web site which requires a paid membership for access, but also the posting of the fic on a web site which includes profit-making (as in, profits going to the site owners and/or shareholders as personal income rather than than just income required to fund the site itself) advertisements. Link-swaps and other such ads which make no money for any party are fine. /Edit

Jun. 11th, 2007

misc: fashion


Mod Post

Welcome to Remixy Things! This is your official mod post; any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. you may have can be posted here.

Rules and other information can be found in the community profile.

When posting your permission post, please tag it with your username, the names of the fandoms you've written, and the 'permission' tag. When posting fic, please tag it with your username, the username of the original author, the fandom(s) included in the story (and in the original story, if they differ), and the 'fic' tag. For example:

#permission, author: yourname, fandom
#fic, author: yourname, author: remixeename, fandom

All permission posts can be found here.

When you sign up, please comment here with your username and the names of the fandoms in which you've written, so they can be added to the community's tags.
remixy things

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