AngiePen (angiepen) wrote in remixy_things,

Great Idea!

OK, this is a seriously cool -- I'm glad this community was created and hope it takes off and gets popular. :D

Name/Journal: AngiePen
Email Address (optional): angiepen at gmail dot com
Fandoms: LOTRiPS/general actorslash, Harry Potter, Fantastic Four, original fiction (others will be added as needed)
Link (to an archive or fic index): Fiction Index
Notes: Whatever anyone wants to do is fine with me. I won't promise to like the product but you can write whatever you want whether I like it or not. I don't require notification ahead of time but I'd love a note, either in e-mail or in my journal, when you post so I can come read. :)

Also, I reserve the right to continue or sequel my own stories without regard to any remixes/sequels/prequels/etc., which might've been written by others. Meaning: 1) what someone else writes isn't canon in my world(s) unless I say it is, and 2) if I was planning a story, a sequel, a plot twist, a character detail, a worldbuilding detail, or anything else, and someone else coincidentally posts a story set in my universe(s) which accidentally duplicates what I was planning but had not yet posted or perhaps even written, I'll do what I was planning anyway. Anyone who whines about how "She stole my ideeeeea!!!" will be ignored or perhaps mocked. Fair warning. :)

ETA: At no time is anyone granted permission to make any money directly or indirectly from any fic clearly based on one of my stories. This includes not only sale of the fic itself or the posting of the fic on a web site which requires a paid membership for access, but also the posting of the fic on a web site which includes profit-making (as in, profits going to the site owners and/or shareholders as personal income rather than than just income required to fund the site itself) advertisements. Link-swaps and other such ads which make no money for any party are fine. /EDIT

That said, I think it'd be great fun for someone else to pick another city and write a different Sentinel team in my Magic universe; I'd love to see what other writers would do with that universe. But grab whatever you like. :D

Tags: #permission, author: angiepen, fantastic four, harry potter, lord of the rings, original, real person fic
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