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Author Giving Permission

Name/Journal: bewareofgirl, jadedwriting
Email Address (optional):
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Heroes, X-Men (mostly X-Men, though)
Link: (FF.NET Profile Page, where all of my posted fics are.)
Notes: Most of the stories on there are currently one shots, so feel free to continue them, change them around, etc. If you want to mess around with the two novel-sized fics I have going, again, feel free. I just ask that if you DO do a remix, don't make it above mild PG-13. I don't write/read smut and I would appreciate it if you didn't turn my stories into smut. As for the X-Men fics, if you want to jump into the universe I've created or use any one of my OCs (because trust me, there are quite a few of those), go ahead. The only other thing I ask if that you link it to me, so that i read it as well. 

My stories are a mess right now (and yes, I really do realize that), so it would be interesting to see what other people do with them. I'd appreciate it if you named the original of your remix as well..and as angiepen said, you don't have permission to make money off of anything of mine. I think that's all I have on the subject of "stipulations". 


- Beware of Girl
Tags: #permission, author: bewareofgirl, doctor who, heroes, xmen

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