studyofrunning (studyofrunning) wrote in remixy_things,

Permission, Comm Necromancy

Name/Journal: studyofrunning

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Final Fantasy (VII and VIII so far)

Link (to an archive or fic index): Fanfiction masterlist on my lj.

Notes: It also says this at the top of the masterlist anyway. I have four simple requests: tell me! so I can read your remix, don't randomly make things be porn, you can't remix a remix without the other person's permission (obviously), and just in case we both came up with the same plot or you spot a plot hole, I get permission to use ideas from a remix of a WIP in the finished fic. (I never post WIPs anyway.)
Tags: #permission, author: studyofrunning, doctor who, final fantasy

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