CrevanFox (crevanfox) wrote in remixy_things,

I've recently gotten addicted to the remix

Name/Journal: I'm Crevan Fox, and my fic journal is foxfic

Runaways (comics)
Buffy/Angel (but mostly Buffy)
Stargate SG-1

I've done a few stories in:
Dresden Files
Night World
Original fic
Pitch Black

Link (to an archive or fic index): Foxfic

Notes: anything co-written is off limits, if only because I haven't gotten the other person's permission. Remixes of other peoples fics are off limits for the same reason.

If you could drop me a link, either here, or at my fic journal to let me know if something is remixed, I'd love to read it, and link to it.

Please include a link to my original fic where you post the remix please.

**need tags for pitch black, runaways, author, night world, dresden files,
Tags: #permission, angel, author: crevanfox, buffy the vampire slayer, dresden files, firefly, night world, original, pitch black, runaways, stargate sg-1, supernatural, xmen

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