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like a glorious car crash in iambic pentameter

switch up that bass line!

Name/Journal: iambickilometer
Email: Given out on request.
I have written fic for Star Trek (mainly Reboot), Criminal Minds, Merlin, SGA, Havemercy, Good Omens, xxxHOLiC, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Shakespeare, Marvel comics, and Dollhouse.
via delicious or my fanfiction tag.
I prefer that my works in progress are not remixed; however, if for some reason you really want to, talk to me and we'll figure something out. In other cases, you don't need to ask me for permission - just let me know you're going to, and please send a link to the finished product my way. Also, don't feel confined by pairings or lack thereof. I've written a lot of suggestive gen, and iffy pairings, so if you feel the urge to go from one to the other, that's totally cool.
Tags: #permission, author: iambickilometer, criminal minds, doctor who, dollhouse, marvel comics, merlin, star trek: reboot, stargate atlantis, torchwood, xxxholic

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