Melody (melodyunity) wrote in remixy_things,

Remix me, baby!

Name/Journal: Melody/melodyunity

Email Address: melodyunity [at] yahoo

Fandoms: I've written in Firefly, Buffy/Angel, and Miracles, and at least one story in the following fandoms: The 4400, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Hurog novels, Medium, Psych, Supernatural, and Quantum Leap.

Link (to an archive or fic index): You can find all my fic in three places:,, and

Notes: None, really.

ETA: Wait, I do have a couple of notes after all! First off, I've written a few remixes -- please don't remix a remix unless you have the original author's permission too. Secondly, please send me a link to your story when you're done!
Tags: #permission, angel, author: melodyunity, buffy the vampire slayer, criminal minds, doctor who, firefly, medium, miracles, psych, quantum leap, supernatural, the 4400

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