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remixy_things's Journal

Remixy Things
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A multifandom fanfiction remix and metaficcing community.
Welcome to Remixy Things, a multifandom fanfiction remix community! The purpose of this community is simple: to allow fic writers to publicly condone remixes of their fanfiction, and to provide inspiration for (hopefully) even more fic.

What is a remix?

Traditionally, remixes involve "rewriting" another fic with a different spin - perhaps from a different point of view, in a different narrative style, or with a different spin on the situation. However, remixy_things is not just for traditional remixes. The community is geared towards any kind of derivative or transformative works - whether that be a strict remix, missing scenes, prequels and sequels, writing in another author's AU 'verse, or simply being inspired by the plot, premise or content of another fic to write something similar.

If you're still confused about remixes, you should check out the awesome remix_redux, which provided the inspiration for this community.

Isn't that like plagiarism?

Not at all. Obviously, we're not condoning taking another writer's stories and reposting them as your own - that's not what this is about. Remixing fanfiction is just like remixing canon; some may see it as being morally grey, others as a perfectly healthy outlet for creativity. If you've ever seen a TV show/watched a movie/read a book and thought "that relationship was really interesting; I'd love to explore that dynamic further," or "I wonder how the other character felt about that," or "that was an intriguing plot, I wonder how it would play out in a different universe," chances are you've wondered the same thing when reading fanfic. remixy_things is a place where you can write those fics, with the permission of the original author.

Why do I need permission? Why can't I just remix other people's fic on my own?

In a word, courtesy. While there's nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from other people's work - it's a long-standing literary tradition - it's generally considered polite to acknowledge that inspiration, and, among fannish circles, to ask permission before you do so. Just as there are some authors who don't want fanfic written about their works, so too are there people who would rather other fanficcers not do the same. While it's usually easy to ask permission from an author to remix their work, remixy_things aims to be a place where authors can give their permission upfront, and support the concept of fanfic remixes.

What if I don't want some of my fics remixed, or I don't want them remixed in certain ways?

That's fine. You're free to specify the ways in which you'll allow your fics to be reworked, or which fics you'd rather be left untouched. Don't want your WIPs to be remixed? Co-authored stories? Fine with alternate viewpoints, but not sequels? Any conditions or limitations you want to place on your fic being remixed are fine; just make sure you specify them in your post.

If someone remixes my story, do I have to remix one of theirs? What if I want to remix others' stories, but don't have any of my own/don't want my fics being remixed?

remixy_things isn't a reciprocal exchange; if someone remixes one of your fics, you don't have to remix one of theirs. Likewise, you can remix others' fic without offering up your own to be remixed, though it's strongly encouraged that people who wish to remix other stories offer up their own fic to be remixed.

Are there any fics which are automatically off-limits?

Generally, co-written stories and existing remixes of third party fics are considered off-limits, unless you have the permission of everyone involved.

Do I have to acknowledge the original author in my fic? What about notifying them that I've written a remix?

Acknowledgement is essential, unless the original author specifies otherwise. It's easy to credit the original author in your notes, to let others know where you drew the inspiration from. Notification is not mandatory (again, unless the author specifies otherwise), but it is strongly encouraged; a simple comment on their post here, in their journal, or via email should suffice.

Where do I post the finished remix?

You can post remixes wherever you usually post your fic. In addition, we'd love it if you posted your story or a link here, so others can read it, and a link back to remixy_things is always appreciated.

How should I post to the community?

The following headers aren't mandatory, but they should serve as a guide to what to include in your posts.

For authors giving permission to have their fic remixed:

Email Address (optional):
Link (to an archive or fic index):

For authors who have written a remix:

Word Count:
Notes (including the name of the author and a link to the original story):

How should I tag my posts?

When posting your consent post, please tag it with your username, the names of the fandoms you've written, and the 'permission' tag. When posting fic, please tag it with your username, the username of the original author, the fandom(s) included in the story (and in the original story, if they differ), and the 'fic' tag. For example:

#permission, author: yourname, fandom
#fic, author: yourname, author: remixeename, fandom

Anything else?

Any other questions you may have can be asked in the Official Mod Post. When you sign up, please go to that post to have tags for your username and fandoms added, so that posts can be tagged accordingly.


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